31 March, 2015


Southern Railway(SR) has advised this railway that they have decided to runWeekly Express Special Trains between YESVANTPUR-ERANAKULAM-YESVANTPUR (Tr. Nos.01665/01666) Stations for 02 trips in each direction as per the following timings, stoppages and dates of services.

Accordingly, Train No.01665 YESVANTPUR-ERNAKULAM WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIAL will depart atYESVANTPURstationat 23-30hrs.onThursdays,i.e. on 02nd & 30th April, 2015 and arrive at ERNAKULAMStation at 11-55 hrs., on Fridays. (Total : 02 Trips only).

En route, the Weekly Express Specialwill arrive/depart at Krishnarajapuram at 23-55/23-57 hrs.; Bangarpet at 00-50/00-52 hrs; depart at Jollarpettai A Cabin at 01-45 hrs; arrive/depart at Salem at 03-25/03-30 hrs; Erode at 04-35/04-55 hrs; Tiruppur at 05-38/05-40 hrs; Coimbatore at 07-05/07-10 hrs; depart at Podhanur at 07-25 hrs; Palghat at 08-25/08-30 hrs; Ottapalam at 08-58/09-00 hrs; depart at Shoranur B Cabin at 09-35 hrs; arrive/depart at Trishur at 10-15/10-20 hrs; Aluva at 11-03/11-05 hrs; and arrive/depart at Ernakulam Town at 11-23/11-25 hrs.

In the return direction,Train No.01666 ERNAKULAM-YESVANTPUR WEEKLY EXPRESS SPECIALwill depart atERNAKULAMstation at14-55hrs. on Fridays, i.e. on 03rd April, 2015 & 01st May, 2015and arrive atYESVANTPUR station at 03-30 hrs.,onSaturdays. (Total : 02 trips only).

En route, theWeekly Express Special will arrive/depart at Aluva at 15-18/15-20 hrs; Trishur at 16-10/16-15 hrs; depart at Shoranur B Cabin at 17-15 hrs; Ottapalam at 17-28/17-30 hrs; Palghat at 18-15/18-20 hrs; depart at Podhanur at 19-36 hrs; Coimbatore at 19-40/19-45 hrs; Tiruppur at 20-28/20-30 hrs; Erode at 21-20/21-35 hrs; Salem at 22-30/22-35 hrs;depart at Jolapettai A Cabin at 00-20 hrs(Sat.); Bangarpet at 01-40/01-42 hrs; and arrive/depart at Krishnarajapuram at 02-50/02-52 hrs.

              The Weekly Express Special will haveTotal 21 Coaches,consistingOne AC 2-tier coach, Three AC 3-tier coaches,Eleven Second Class Sleeper Coaches, Four General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake vans.