02 March, 2015

Use of Non-Conventional Energy Sources in Railways

It is proposed to blend 5 per cent Bio-diesel to diesel to be used on diesel locomotives only on Indian Railways. 2 MW of Solar Power plant at a cost of Rs. 15.7 crore has been installed at Rail Coach Factory, Rae Bareli. The sanctioned work for non-conventional energy on Indian Railways includes 10.5 Mega Watt (MW) with Railway funding & 157.5 MW in Joint Venture (JV) for wind power and 7.8 MWp solar plants under Railway funding. No special fund allotment for Bio-diesel is contemplated since it is part of fuel cost for which provision is already available in the budget. Likely fund provision for wind power and solar plant works is about Rs. 40 crore in the year 2015-16.