Thursday, 14 May 2015

Partial Cancellation/ Rescheduling Of Trains Due To Mega Traffic Block Between Daun Kalan – Patiala Stations on Rajpura – Dhuri Jn. Section

 Northern Railway will undertake the construction work of Low Height Subway (LHS) in Railway Over Bridge work at Level crossing No. 15-C between Daun Kalan – Patiala Stations o­n Rajpura – Dhuri Jn. Section. Therefore, o­ne mega traffic block for 5 hours   30 minutes duration from 10.45 a.m. to 04.15 p.m. o­n 17.05.2015 will be implemented. As a result the following trains will remain Partially Cancelled/Rescheduled as under:

Partial Cancellation of Trains

·The 54552 Down Bhatinda – Ambala Passenger Train will be short Terminated at Patiala and will remain partially cancelled between Patiala– Ambala o­n 17.05.2015.
·The 54551 Up Ambala – Bhatinda Passenger Train will originate from Patiala o­n 17.05.2015 and remain partially cancelled between Ambala – Patiala.

Rescheduling of Trains

·Train No. 11058 Down Amritsar– Lokmanya Tilak Terminal Express will be rescheduled to leave at 11.00 a.m. instead of 08.30 a.m. while originating from Amritsar.

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