Friday, 12 June 2015

Cancellations and Regulations of Trains on Secunderabad –Guntur Section Due to Traffic Block

Cancellations of Trains:
1)Tr.No. 57624 Guntur-Kacheguda Passeenger train, Scheduled to depart Guntur at 05:15 hrs o­n 11.06.2015.
2)Tr. No. 57623 Kacheguda – Guntur Passenger, scheduled to depart     Kacheguda at 05:10 hrs o­n 12.06.2015.
3)Tr. 57327 Dhone-Guntur Passenger, scheduled to depart Dhone at 06:30 hrs o­n 11.06.2015.
4)Tr.No.57328 Guntur-Dhone Passenger train, scheduled to depart Guntur at 12:10 hrs.
Regulation of Trains:
1)Tr. No.56501 Vijayawada-Hubli Passenger train will be regulated for 30 minutes.
2)Tr.No. 56502 Hubli-Vijayawada Passenger train will be regulated for 30 minutes. 

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