Partial Cancellation/ Rescheduling/Diversion Of Trains Due To 1 Traffic Block On Jakhal- Bhatinda Section on 12.7.15

Northern Railway will undertake the construction work of Low Height Subway (LHS) at L-Xing No. 229-C between Maisarkhana- Kot Fateh stations o­n Jakhal- Bhatinda section of Delhi Division. There will be a mega traffic block for the duration of 5 hours 30 minutes from 08.25 a.m. to 01.55 p.m. o­n 12.07.2015. As a result the following trains scheduled to run during the period will remain partially cancelled/rescheduled/diverted as under:

 Partial Cancellation Of Train o­n 12.07.2015
·The 54044 Hissar-Jind passenger train will be short terminated at Bhatinda and will remain cancelled between Bhatinda- Jind o­n 12.07.2015.
Reschesuling Of Train o­n 12.07.2015
·The 54050 Jind- Rohtak passenger train scheduled to depart from Jind at 04.00 p.m. will be rescheduled for 05.15 p.m. o­n 12.07.2015.
Diversion Of Train o­n 12.07.2015
·The 14625 Delhi Sarai Rohilla- Firozpur express train will be diverted to run via Jakhal- Dhuri- Bhatindaon 12.07.2015.
Speed restriction of 20 kmph will be imposed a day in advance for pre-block activities.