25 September 2015

Non interlocking on Northern Rly Cancellation of Trains

Due to non -Inter locking work at Asaoti station of  Northern Rly  few North bound trains of Western Railway originating from Mumbai Central/Bandra Terminus  stations will be  cancelled o­n the dates given  as under:-

          Cancellation of Trains :

*Train No. 19023 Mumbai Central-Firozpur Janta Express - Journey commencing o­n 6thOctober  to  10th October, 2015 .

*Train No.12909 Bandra Tr.-H.Nizamuddin Garib Rath Express - Journey commencing o­n 8thand 10th October 2015.

*Train No. 19019 Bandra Tr.-Dehradun Express  - Journey commencing o­n 5th October to  9th October, 2015.

*Train No. 22209 Mumbai Central-New Delhi   Duronto  Express - Journey commencing o­n 9th October  , 2015.

*Train No. 12247 Bandra Tr.-H.Nizamuddin Yuva Express-Journey commencing   o­n   9thOctober, 2015.