31 Oct 2015


The following additional suburban EMU daily train services will be running from 02.11.2015.

1.Train No.43847 EMU local  will leave Avadi at 06.25 hrs. and arrive           Tiruttani at 08.20 hrs.

2.Train No.43820 EMU local  will leave Tiruttani at 08.55 hrs. and arrive Chennai Beach at 11.15 hrs.

3.Train No.42801 EMU local  will leave Chennai Beach at 14.40 hrs. and  arrive Sullurupetta at 17.00 hrs.

4.Train No.42804 EMU local will leave Sullurupetta  at 17.20 hrs. and  arrive Chennai Beach at 19.30 hrs.

5.Train No.42607 EMU local will leave Chennai Beach at 20.00 hrs. and  arrive Gummudipundi at 21.25 hrs.

6.Train No.42608 EMU local will leave Gummudipundi at 21.30 hrs. and  arrive Chennai Beach at 23.00 hrs.