4 Dec 2015

No Day Block on W.Rly this Sunday i.e. 6/12/2015

A Jumbo block will be taken from 00.10hrs to 04.10 hrs o­n Up Through line (i.e. fast line) & from 00.25 hrs to 04.25 hrs o­n Dn Through line (i.e. fast line) during the night falling between Friday, 4th December, 2015 and Saturday, 5th December, 2015 between Santacruz and Dadar stations for maintenance of track, signaling and overhead equipment. During the block all Up fast line trains will run o­n Up Local line (i.e. slow line) between Santacruz and Mumbai Central.

Hence there will no jumbo block o­n this Sunday i.e. 6th December, 2015 o­n WR's suburban section.