09 February, 2016


Long distance trains including 12307 Up/12308 Dn Howrah-Jodhpur Express, 12311 Up/12312 Dn Howrah-Kalka Mail, 12333 Up/12334 Dn Vibhuti Express, 12369 Up/12370 Dn Kumbha Express, 13005 Up/13006 Dn Howrah-Amritsar Mail, 13007 Up/13008 Udayan Abha Toofan Express, 13019 Up/13020 Dn Bagh Express, 13049 Up/13050 Dn Howrah-Amritsar Express, 13105 Up/13106 Dn Sealdah-Ballia Express, 13133 Up/13134 Dn Sealdah-Varanasi Express, 13151 Up/13152 Dn Kolkata-Jammu Tawi Express, 13401 Up/13402 Dn Bhagalpur-Danapur Intercity Express, 13413 Up/13414 Dn Malda Town-Delhi Farakka Express (Via- Sultanpur), 13483 Up/13484 Dn Farakka Express (Via-Faizabad), 13119 Up/13120 DnSealdah-Delhi Express, 13131 Up/13132 Dn Kolkata-Ananad Vihar (T) Express, 11448 /11447 Howrah-Jabalpur Express , 12987 Up/12988 Dn Sealdah-Ajmer Express, 13235 Up/13236 Dn Sahibganj-Danapur Intercity Express, 13241 Up/13242 Dn Banka –Rajendranagar Express and 15047 Up/15048 Dn Kolkata-Gorakhpur Purbanchal Express which had been cancelled/partially cancelled / reduced of frequency earlier due to foggy weather have been completely resumed to run as per normal time table o­n their nominated days of run.