29 Apr 2016

Bullet Train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai

The Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail project has been sanctioned at total completion cost of ₹ 97,636 crore as per details below (in ₹):

·      Construction cost                                                            :  44,621 crore
Signalling & Telecom)

·      Rolling Stock                                                                    :   5,255 crore
·      Land                                                                                  :   9,863 crore
·      Miscellaneous                                                                    :  27,533 crore
Import Duty etc.)
·      Interest during construction                                    :  10,359 crore

The feasibility study of the project has been completed and implementing agency (National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited) has been formed in February, 2016.

The project will be implemented through financial and technical assistance from Government of Japan. The assistance involves provision of Japanese Yen loan for approximately 81% of total project cost at 0.1% per annum interest for 50 years with 15 years moratorium and transfer of technologies of construction.