13 May 2016


  In order to keep the wheels of local trains running, monsoon preparations are undergoing o­n Western Railway in full swing. These preparations are being done to ensure uninterrupted services during the ensuing monsoon. These preparations include cleaning of culverts, desilting of side drains, installations of pumps, special maintenance of infrastructure etc.  These works will be completed by 30th May, 2016 in the first phase.

Analysis of Rainfall and Flood prone areas:

              Western Railway has identified the flood prone areas o­n its section. o­n the basis of this analysis, more attention will be paid to certain sections which could be flood prone such as near Marine Lines and in some places in Charni Road-Grant Road, Mumbai Central, Elphinstone Road, Dadar, Matunga Rd-Mahim, Bandra-Khar, Andheri-Jogeshwari and Nalasopara-Virar sections.

            Western Railway has also come up with the time table showing the dates of high tides of more than 4.5 meters during monsoon 2016. This will help in taking necessary precautions when required most. The dates of major high tides are mentioned in the Annexure.  

Special Pre-monsoon Action:

ØLifting of tracks in low line areas such as Elphinstone Rd Dn & Up, Matunga Rd Dn and Bandra Up & Dn where water logging had been observed in 2015.

ØDe silting and cleaning of all 43 culvertsis being done.  Funds have been provided by the MCGM. This work will be completed in three phases. The first phase will

be completed before the o­nset of monsoon up to 30th May, 2016 followed by second and third round after necessary inspections and based o­n the requirement. Some major culverts will be cleaned by the BMC which include Mithi River, Dharavi Nallah, Poisar Nallah, etc. Joint inspections are also being carried out by Railway and MCGM officers/Engineers.

ØWR will installabout 80 diesel pumpsat vulnerable low lying locations such as Marine Lines, Mumbai Central, Dadar, Matunga Road, Mahim, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali, Nalasopara, Virar etc.

ØWR has also undertaken the work of de silting of side drains. This work will be completed before the o­nset of monsoon. After reviewing the position, this work may again be undertaken in June-July and August, 2016 as per requirement.

ØIn order to ensure smooth running of trains during monsoon, special attention is being given to the maintenance of OHE. It includes cleaning of insulators, checking of protective screens o­n FOB/ROB, protection of catenary wires and earthing.

    Ø WR has also taken up the monsoon related maintenance work of its EMU                     suburban rakes which include detection & plugging of possible leakages in EMU           coaches and its electrical equipments, smooth movements of windows & doors etc.       Work of cleaning of roof of coaches and insulators has also been taken up in hand.

Other Actions:

ØWR has come up with a monsoon bookletfor its officers and supervisors. This booklet not o­nly mentions the flood prone areas and important dates of high tides but also the course of action to be taken during such situations. It  also has the telephone numbers of official dealing with disaster management and important telephone numbers of railway and civil officials such as BMC, Weather Bureau etc.

ØRunning of muck specials during nights to clear the muck and garbage, as and when required.

ØRound the clock monitoring during heavy rains by deputing officers/ supervisors at vulnerable locations.

Coordination with BMC:

            Joint inspections of Railway and BMC officials have already been started and the first round will be completed by 1.06.2016. It also includes provision of pumps by BMC at locations where the blockage in the drainage is likely. A hotline has been set up between MCGM Disaster control and Western Railway Traffic control for faster communications during emergency.


Date                                    Time (hrs)                      Height (Meters)

           05/06/16                                 12.36                                       4.87

            06/06/16                                 13.23                                       4.91

 07/06/16                                 14.11                                       4.85

            08/06/16                                 04.58                                       4.70

            04/07/16                                 12.24                                       4.72

            05/07/16                                 13.09                                       4.77

            06/07/16                                 13.52                                       4.73

            07/07/16                                 14.35                                       4.62

            22/07/16                                 13.59                                       4.57

            23/07/16                                 14.39                                       4.59

            24/07/16                                 15.22                                       4.52

            02/08/16                                 12.08                                       4.56

            03/08/16                                 12.48                                       4.62

            04/08/16                                 13.27                                       4.58

            19/08/16                                 12.51                                       4.57                                      


            21/08/16                                 14.11                                       4.67

            22/08/16                                 14.54                                       4.57

            17/09/16                                 12.23                                       4.60

            18/09/16                                 13.02                                       4.68

            19/09/16                                 01.34                                       4.64

            20/09/16                                 02.20                                       4.63