10 August 2016

Mela Surcharge during Krishna Pushkaram

As per the instructions given by the Railway Board, the Mela Surcharge will be levied at the Vijayawada, Krishna Canal Junction, Madhura Nagar, Gunadala, Rayanapadu, Guntur, Repalle, Pedapurapadu, Mangalagiri, Vishnupuram, Pondugula, Krishna and Gadwal railway stations during the period of Krishna Pushkuram from 12th to 23rdAugust 2016.
The Mela surcharges to be levied for both reserved and unreserved tickets are detailed below:-
·Second Class (Ordinary & Mail/Express)                               - Rs 5/-
·Sleeper Class (Ordinary & Mail/Express)                               - Rs 5/-
·AC Chair Car / AC III Tier                                                    - Rs 10/-
·First Class (Ordinary & Mail/Express) AC II Tier                  - Rs 15/-
·First AC                                                                                  - Rs 20/-
            This surcharge will be levied o­nly in case the basic fare is more than Rs 15 (not o­n those tickets whose basic fare is upto Rs 15/-). Mela surcharge will be levied at the above mentioned Mela stations for tickets with journeys commencing during the Mela days o­nly. This surcharge will not be levied o­n single journey tickets from other stations o­n the Indian Railways for journeys terminating at Mela stations. Mela surcharge will be levied o­n return tickets issued by other stations for return journey originating from Mela stations.
            In case of reserved tickets already issued without inclusion of Mela surcharge, difference is to be paid to either TTEs o­n the trains or at the Booking / Reservation offices before commencement of the journey by passengers.