18 July 2016


Western Railway in its attempt to provide a convenient and comfortable journey to meet the needs of passengers will speed up its 26 trains in the Time Table coming into effect from 1st October, 2016. The status & train number of 13 pairs of trains of Western Railway will be changed from MAIL/EXPRESS to SUPERFAST in the Time table coming into effect from 1st October, 2016. Re-numbering of these trains will be with effect from the dates mentioned against respective trains given below:-

1)The new train number of 19005 Mumbai Central-Okha Saurashtra Mail will be 22945with effect from 16/11/2016.

2)The new train number of 19006 Okha-Mumbai Central Saurashtra Mail will be 22946with effect from 16/11/2016.

3)The new train number of 19047 Surat-Bhagalpur Bi-Weekly Express will be 22947with effect from 19/11/2016

4)The new train number of 19048 Bhagalpur-Surat Bi-Weekly Express will be 22948with effect from 17/11/2016

5)The new train number of 19029 Bandra (T)-Delhi Sarai Rohilla Weekly Express will be 22949with effect from 16/11/2016

6)The new train number of 19030 Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Bandra (T) Weekly Express will be 22950 with effect from 17/11/2016

7)The new train number of 19451 Bandra (T)-Gandhidham Weekly Express will be 22951with effect from 17/11/2016

8)The new train number of 19452 Gandhidham-Bandra (T) Weekly Express will be 22952with effect from 17/11/2016

9)The new train number of 19011 Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Gujarat Express will be 22953with effect from 16/11/2016.

10)The new train number of 19012 Ahmedabad- Mumbai Central Gujarat Express will be 22954 with effect from 16/11/2016.

11)The new train number of 19131 Bandra (T)-New Bhuj Kutch Express will be 22955 with effect from 16/11/2016.

12)The new train number of 19132 New Bhuj- Bandra (T) Kutch Express will be 22956 with effect from 16/11/2016.

13)The new train number of 19221 Ahmedabad-Veraval Somnath Express will be 22957 with effect from 16/11/2016.

14)The new train number of 19222 Veraval-Ahmedabad Somnath Express will be 22958 with effect from 16/11/2016.

15)The new train number of 19059 Surat-Jamnagar Intercity Express will be 22959 with effect from 16/11/2016.

16)The new train number of 19060 Jamnagar-Surat Intercity Express will be 22960 with effect from 16/11/2016.

17)The new train number of 29059 Surat-Hapa Weekly Intercity Express will be 22961 with effect from 14/11/2016.

18)The new train number of 29060 Hapa-Surat Weekly Intercity Express will be 22962 with effect from 15/11/2016.

19)The new train number of 19203 Bandra (T)-Bhavnagar Weekly Express will be 22963 with effect from 14/11/2016.

20)The new train number of 19204 Bhavnagar-Bandra (T) Weekly Express will be 22964 with effect from 13/11/2016.

21)The new train number of 19065 Bandra (T)-Bhagat Ki Kothi Weekly Express will be 22965 with effect from 18/11/2016.

22)The new train number of 19066 Bhagat Ki Kothi-Bandra (T) Weekly Express will be 22966 with effect from 19/11/2016.

23)The new train number of 19417 Ahmedabad-Allahabad Weekly Express will be 22967 with effect from 17/11/2016.

24)The new train number of 19418 Allahabad-Ahmedabad Weekly Express will be 22968 with effect from 18/11/2016.

25)The new train number of 19569 Okha-Varanasi Weekly Express will be 22969 with effect from 17/11/2016.

26)The new train number of 19570 Varanasi-Okha Weekly Express will be 22970 with effect from 19/11/2016.

Other details like the change in timings etc will be made available later in the new Time-Table.