24 July 2016

Time Table For Goods Trains

Indian Railways has introduced time tabled goods container train (Cargo Express) on 15.06.2016 and time tabled automobile trains on 12.07.2016.

The time tabled container goods trains are running between

(i) Okhla (Delhi) and Whitefield (Bengaluru), and

(ii) Okhla (Delhi) and Tondiarpet (Chennai).

In both the directions.

The time tabled automobile trains are running between

(i) Gurgaon (Haryana) and Nidvanda (Karnataka), and

(ii) Kathuwas (Rajasthan) and Melpakkam (Tamilnadu).

In both the directions.

The customers can send goods/parcels in such trains through the services offered by Container Train Operators on payment of the charges for transportation of their goods.

Such freight trains are not confined only to one Zonal Railways, but they traverse over a number of Zonal Railway systems. Time tabled freight trains have been introduced on demand and based on feasibility of running them between pairs of stations on an available path. At present based on demand and feasibility the above two container and two automobile trains have been introduced.