7 August 2016

Measures to Prevent Roof-Top Travelling On Trains

Measures to Prevent Roof-Top Travelling On Trains

Following steps are being taken by Railways to prevent passengers travelling on roof-top of trains:-

1. Frequent announcements through public address system at station are made to educate passengers not to travel on roof, footboard of the trains.

2. Special awareness campaign are also organized by Railways to sensitize the passengers about the dangers of roof-top and foot-board travelling.

3. Warning boards cautioning people against climbing and touching Over Head Equipments are displayed at vantage points in station area.

4. Regular drives are conducted against the persons travelling on roof-top and foot-board on trains and the persons apprehended are prosecuted under the relevant provisions of the Railways Act, 1989.

5. To prevent climbing upon the rooftop of any train, ladder was removed from the end panel of all coaches.