15 September 2016

Dahanu Road – Borivali local train (EMU) Extended upto Andheri station and speeded up by 33 Minute

For the convenience of the commuters, it has been decided by Western Railway to extend the 93002 Dahanu Road-Borivali local train upto Andheri station & also speeded up by 33 minutes w.e.f. 19th September, 2016.

            Till now this train leaves Dahanu Road at 05.50 hrs and reaches Borivali at 07.52 hrs but, from 19thSeptember, 2016, this train will leave Dahanu Road at 05.40 hrs i.e 10 minutes before and will reach Borivali at 07.19 hrs i.e 33 minutes before its earlier time due to suitable path adjustment. This train has been further extended upto Andheri station which will reach Andheri stn at 07.34 hrs. Consequently, minor changes have also been made in 3 other services. Accordingly, 59009 Virar – Bharuch shuttle will now leave from Virar at 04.00 hrs and reach Dahanu Rd at 05.17 hrs, 93001 Virar – Dahanu Rd (12 car EMU) will depart from Virar at 04.15 hrs and reach Dahanu Rd at 05.30 hrs and 93007 Andheri – Dahanu Rd (12 car EMU) will now depart from Andheri at 07.38 hrs and reach Dahanu Rd at 09.50 hrs w.e.f. 19th September, 2016.