30 September 2016

New window PRS opened at Paltanbazar entry side of Guwahati railway station

On date an additional PRS (Passenger Reservation System) window has been commissioned at Paltanbazar end of Guwahati railway station. So far there was o­nly UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System) facility available at the Paltanbazar end.

Although E ticketing has now become very popular amounting to almost 30% of ticket sales, window sales i.e. PRS remains a major interface in Northeast India. It is to be mentioned that in Guwahati alone, Northeast Frontier Railway operates 6 nos of PRS centres. There are a total of 47 nos PRS centres across various towns and cities of Assam. A total of 134 nos of PRS and 103 UTS cum PRS centres are operational in NFR region of which 15 are in Sikkim, 13 are in Arunachal, 5 are in Nagaland, 6 in Manipur, 7 in Meghalaya, 7 in Tripura, 3 in Mizoram. The computerised Passenger Reservation system has already completed its 25 years of service in this region.

Even where railway network is not available, Northeast Frontier Railway operates PRS centres what are known as “non railhead” PRS. There are a total of 74 non-railhead PRS in N.F. Railways area. Notable among such are the o­nes functioning in Tawang and Tenga in Arunachal and Thegu in Sikkim. The PRS at Thegu at an altitude of 13200 ft in the state of Sikkim is the highest altitude PRS centre in the world.

For the convenience of defence personnel also Northeast Frontier Railway operates 25 nos of Defence PRS. It is worth mentioning that in terms of area coverage and number of operational PRS, Northeast Frontier Railway occupies a place of pride ranking fifth among different zones.

Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Railways Shri Rajen Gohain has directed Northeast Frontier Railway to ensure maximum convenience of passengers in terms of accessibility. The new PRS window at Guwahati is a step in that direction.