1 September 2016


At present different agencies are to be approached for different types of facilities provided in the train.  To save the passengers from botheration on this account, as a pilot project, it has been decided to nominate Train Superintendent as a single person responsible for all facilities on train.  This Pilot project is being launched initially for Rajdhani Express trains originating from Delhi area as per details given below:-

               (i).          Train Superintendent (TS) will be made single person responsible for all facilities on train. All railway personnel and Supervisors of all out sourced agencies shall report to the TS for effective control and supervision to ensure improvement in onboard services offered by Railways.

             (ii).          The incharge from C&W and Electrical Departments would assist the TS in supervision of onboard services and redressal of complaints and shall be designated as Assistant Train Supervisor (ATS). Arrangement to display contact numbers of TS in all coaches for seeking any assistance will be provided with arrangements to input the number at the start of the journey.

           (iii).          Sr. DCM(Chg)/ Delhi division will act as “Product Manager” for all Rajdhani services starting from and terminating at NZM/NDLS/DLI. He will monitor the one window service being provided by Train Superintendents of respective Rajdhanis and would liaise with the concerned officers in Delhi division/NR headquarters / other Zonal Railways over which the trains run, for various deficiencies like watering, AC, mobile chargers, bedrolls and linens, catering, timely placement, pre-cooling, punctuality of train etc.

           (iv).          A Mobile application will be developed by CRIS which will facilitate easy transmission of information between the Product Manager, TS, ATS, Onboard staff and the control offices enroute so that the passenger as well as the concerned officer on ground and officials onboard can monitor the complaint being registered for the train while on run on real time basis. The Mobile Application will have interface with 24X7 complaint number 138 and Security Helpline 182 over which presently passenger complaints are received by the concerned Divisions. The TS will have a dash board on his tablet where he can view the complaints received for his train and allot them to the ATS/Security personnel for follow up action and redressal.