1 October 2016

Central Railway Mumbai MegaBlock Special traffic & power mega block on Up local line on 02/10/2016 from 08-30 hrs to 18-30 hrs

1) CR will Operate 9hrs Block on UP Slowline@DivaStn fm8.30am-5.30pm on2/10,Sunday 4 cutting d existing UPline track&slewing 2new alignment

2) During Block all Slow UP locals lving Kalyan fm9.20am-4.58pm will diverted on fast up 2 Diva dan Slow line will not halt Diva.

3)Some UPSlow Locals leaving Kalyan 7.57-9am &5.04-6pm wii b diverted On fast bt Kalyan 2 Mulund will not halt @THK Kopar Diva Mumbra Kalva.

4) DN fast Locals leaving CST 7.53 am to 5.41 pm will be diverted on DN Slow from Thane & halting all Stations between Thane-Kalyan.

CR will operate #MegaBlock on2/10 Sunday on Harbour line CST-Chunabhatti DN line frm11.40-3.40 pm &Chunabhatti-CST UP line frm 11.10-3.10 pm.

5) Due to Block on 2nd Oct 4 pairs f trains Pragati,Singhgad ,Rajarani,&Godavary Exp will remain Cancelled.Ratnagiri Pasngr trmntd&run ex PL.