2 October 2016

Tejas Trains At A Glance -Tejas Trains List

Indian Railways Are Announced Tejas Trains Delhi-Chandigarh Tejas Express and Ananad Vihar-Lucknow Tejas Express will run six days a week and Mumbai-Karmali Tejas five days.



1. Automatic Door
2. Smoke detection system
3. Next station distance and train speed display inside coach
4. LED behind each seat
5. Steel disk break
6. Pantry similar to Aircraft
7. Advanced toilets
8. Comfortable seats.

Tejas Trains At A Glance
Train No.  Days of service From -   To Table No.

Train No. Days of  service From - To Table No.
22425        Exc. W          New Delhi-Chandigarh               27
New Delhi (Dep)                             09.30
Chandigarh (Arr)                            12.25
22426        Exc. W          Chandigarh-New Delhi              27A
Chandigarh (Dep)                          14.35
New Delhi (Arr)                              17.30

12585        Exc. Th     Lucknow Jn-Anand Vihar (T)        25A
Lucknow Jn (Dep)                          06.50
Anand Vihar (T) (Arr)                      13.00

12586        Exc. Th     Anand Vihar (T)-Lucknow Jn         25
Lucknow Jn (Dep)                          15.50
Anand Vihar (T) (Arr)                      22.05

11209      Exc. M,Th        Mumbai CST-Karmali                 26
Mumbai CST (Dep)                         00.20
Karmali (Arr)                                   11.00

11210      Exc. M,Th        Karmali-Mumbai CST                26A
Karmali (Dep)                                 12.20
Mumbai CST (Arr)                          22.45