10 October 2016

Train No. 17614 Hazur Sahib Nanded-Pune Express Timings are revised with effect from 15th October, 2016

H.S.Nanded-Pune Express Timings Revised

Train No, 17614 H.S.Nanded- Pune Express will depart Hazur Sahib Nanded at 17.30 hrs instead of 20.30 hrs, arrive/depart Purna at 18.06/18.08hrs, Parbhani at 18.30/18.32 hrs, Parli Vaijnath at 20.20/20.30 hrs, Latur Road at 22.00/22.10hrs, Latur at 22.55/23.00 hrs, Usmanabad at 00.18/00.20 hrs, Kurduvadi at 02.00/02.05 hrs, Daund at 04.45/04.50 hrs and arrive Pune at 06.15 hrs (instead of 09.20 hrs)

         *There will not be any change in timings of Train No. 17613 Pune - Hazur Sahib Nanded Express.