17 October 2016

Trains Rescheduled/Trains Diverted Due to Engineering Block on 18th October between Jhulasan and Dangarwa On Western Railway Ahmedabad

An Engineering Block will be taken betwn Jhulasan and Dangarwa on 18th Oct for construction of Road Underbridge.

Trains Rescheduled:-

Train No. 79436 Patan-Ahmedabad Demu will be rescheduled 3 hours from Patan and delayed by 1 hrs. at Mehsana on 18 oct

Train No. 79433 Ahmedabad-Patan Demu will be rescheduled by 2 hours from Sabarmati Station on 18 October

Train No. 12548 Ahmedabad-Agra Fort Superfast will be rescheduled by 1.30 hours from Ahmedabad on 18 October

Train No.12957 SJ Rajdhani Express will be rescheduled by 30 minutes from Ahmedabad on 18 October

Trains Diverted:-

Train 11089 Jodhpur-Pune Exp will be run via Mehsana-Viramgam-Ahmedabad .This train will be given stoppage at SBT instead of SBI on 18 Oct

Train 19224 JAT-ADI Exp diverted via MSH-VG-ADI . given stopage at SBT instead of SBI. This train will remain late1.30 hrs at in Ahmedabad

Train19032 Yoga Exp will run via MSH-VG-ADI.This train will not go to Kalol-Gandhinagar & SBI. This train will halt at SBT on 18 oct

Train No.19412 AII-ADI will run via MSH-VG-ADI & will reach ADI late by 1.30 hrs. This train will stopage at SBT instead of SBI on 18 Oct