28 November 2016

Cancellation, Diversion, Short termination/origination & rescheduling of trains due to NI work at Hajipur-Ghoswar in Sonepur Division from 27 11.16 to 04.12.16

Hajipur-Ghoswar station in Sonepur Division from 27.11.16 to 04.12.16, following trains shall be
Cancelled, Diverted, Short terminate/originate & reschedule .
Patna Pataliputra through these days and trains run on this route will be affected. Two trains have been canceled, while a dozen trains will run on the way from Patna eyelash. Some trains will run control. CPRO AK Gosvr Razak said these days is to be the work of the non-interlocking.
Passenger train number 55215/55216 Muzaffarpur Pataliputra, November 27 to December 4 will be canceled. Muzaffarpur passenger train number 55217/55218 Pataliputra 1 to 4 December will be canceled.
November 30 to December 4 opening of Danapur Express Via Train No. 13206 Patna-Danapur Saharsa eyelash Rajendra bridge bypass line will run through. The opening sequence Saharsa 13205 November 30 to December 3 the way it will Danapur Express Saharsa. Train No. 12505 Guwahati-Anand Vihar North East X. November 30 to December 03, Train No 12506 X Guwahati Anand Vihar. December 1 to December 4, Train No. 12423 New Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani. November 30 to December 03, train number 12424 New Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani. November 30 to December 03, train number 12487 Anand Vihar Jogbani Seemanchal x. November 30 to December 03, Anand Vihar Jogbani Seemanchal Express train No. 12 488 from November 30 to December 3, train No. 14 019 x Anandvihar Agartala. Patna on December 1 and will -rajendrapul- eyelash.
Train No. 12501 Guwahati-New Delhi North East Contact Revolution X. Eyelash-Rajendrapul-Patna will be on December 3. All these trains at Patna Junction 5 minutes in both directions, up and down will Stop.