19 November 2016

Diversion/Cancellation Of Trains Due To 05.30 Hrs Mega Traffic Blocks For Construction of 02 Limited Height Subways Between Husainpur-Pajjan and Gidar Pindi-Makhu on Jalandhar City –Firozpur Section of Firozpur Division on Northern Railway

Due to 02 Mega Traffic Blocks of 05.30 hrs. each for Construction of 02  Limited Height Subwaysbetween  Husainpur-Pajjan and Gidar Pindi-Makhu o­n Jalandhar City –Firozpur Section of Firozpur Division o­n Northern Railway ,the following trains will be Diverted /Cancelled during block as under:
    Diversion of Trains During Block
·The 19223  Ahemadabad-Jammu Tawi Express Train Journey Commencing o­n 23.11.2016 will be diverted to run via Firozpur-Ludhiana-Jalandhar Cant.-Pathankot Jn.
Cancellation of Trains During Block
·The 74935/74938   Jalandhar City- Firozpur- Jalandhar City Passenger Train Journey Commencing o­n 18.11.2016 & 24.11.2016 will remain cancelled .