19 November 2016


 In a high level meeting held recently at Eastern Railway Headquarters, Shri Ghanshyam Singh, General Manager, Eastern Railway advised all Divisional Railway Managers to strictly follow all precautions during the coming fog season in Eastern Railway’s jurisdiction.

To ensure utmost safety of the passengers, Eastern Railway has adopted a series of precautions to be followed scrupulously by Loco Pilots, Guards & Station Masters. The line staff directly related with train operations have been specially counselled about those precautions to be followed.

          During dense fog in automatic block territory, the speed will not exceed 60 km per hour even after passing a green signal. The speed of the train will not exceed 30 km per hour after passing a double yellow signal. The loco pilot after passing a yellow signal should run his train at a further restricted speed so as to be prepared to halt at the next stop signal. After passing a red signal during dense fog the loco pilot while moving at a speed not exceeding 10 km per hour, will ensure that he maintains a reasonable distance at which he is able to observe the flushing tail of the train ahead or any other obstruction in the path of the train.

          Where station signal cannot be seen during foggy weather the station master will ensure the station signals are lit and will sent two train personnel in either direction to the fog signal post which are erected at all stations outside the first stop signal, to act as fog signalmen.