6 November 2016

Increase The Frequency of Maitree Express

The service of Kolkata-Dhaka Cantt. Maitree Express will be Increased from 3 days In a week to 4 days In a week by the rake of Indian Railways numbered as 13109/13110 from 11.11.2016 (Friday) from Kolkata and 12.11.2016 (Saturday) from Dhaka Cantt.
Existing and Revlsed run of 13107/13108 and 13109/13110 shall be as under:-

Train No Days of run from Kolkata Train No Days of run from Dhaka Cant
Existing  Revised                   Existing Revised
13109 Tue Tue & Fri         13110 Wed Wed & Sat
13108 Sat &  No change    13107 Fri & Sun No change
Booking for the additional trip opens from 05.11.2016.