25 November 2016

No Day Block on WRly this Sunday-Sunday, 27th November, 2016, NIGHT BLOCK ON WR BETWEEN BORIVALI AND BHAYANDER STATIONS

No Day Block o­n WRly this Sunday

                             NIGHT BLOCK o­n  WR



To carry out maintenance work of tracks, signaling  & overhead equipments, a night  block will be taken from 00:50  hrs to 04:50 hrs o­n up & down slow lines between Borivali and Bhayander stations  during the midnight  falling between Saturday, 26th November and Sunday,  27th November, 2016.

            During the block all up slow line trains will be operated o­n fast lines between Borivali and Vasai Road/Virar. Due to this some local trains will remain cancelled whose list will be displayed o­n notice board at every station. During the block period, trains will be dealt from any of the platforms at Borivali.

Hence, there will be no jumbo block during the day time o­n this Sunday, 27th November, 2016 o­n Western Railway.