30 November 2016


Weekly Tatkal Special Express between Yesvantpur and Pandharpur to clear the extra rush of passengers during Christmas, Sankranti and New Year.

The Train No. 06541 Yesvantpur- Pandharpur Tatkal special Express departures from Yesvantpur at 18.00 hrs o­n all Thursdays from 22nd December 2016 to 19th January 2017 and arrives Pandharpur at 11.35 hrs o­n all Fridays (Total 5 trips). The train arrives/departures at Tumakuru (18.58/19.00), Arsikere(20.55/21.00), Davanagere(23.40/23.43), Hubballi(03.00/03.15), Dharwar(03.30/03.32), Belagavi(05.30/05.32), Ghataprabha(06.40/06.42), Kudachi (07.20/07.21), Miraj(08.40/08.50), Kavathe Mahankal (09.49/09.50), Dhalgaon(10.04/10.05), and Sangole(10.40/10.42).

The Train No. 06542 Pandharpur- Yesvantpur Tatkal special Express departures from Pandharpur at 13.35 hrs o­n all Fridays from 23rdDecember 2016 to 20th January 2017 and arrives Yesvantpur at 06.20 hrs o­n all Saturdays (Total 5 trips). The train arrives/departures at Sangole(14.01/14.03), Dhalgaon(14.40/14.41) , Kavathe Mahankal(15.00/15.01), Miraj(16.15/16.30), Kudachi (17.00/17.01), Ghataprabha(17.38/17.40),Belagavi(18.37/18.40), Dharwar(21.38/21.40), Hubballi(22.25/22.35), Davanagere(00.55/00.57), Arsikere(03.00/03.05) and Tumakuru(05.05/05.07).

The Train No. 06541/42 Yesvantpur- Pandharpur- Yesvantpur Tatkal special Express will have the composition of One First AC-cum-Second AC coach, One AC 2-tier coach, Four AC 3-tier sleeper coaches, Ten Second class Sleeper coaches Two General Second Class coaches and Two Luggage and Break-van with generator.