11 November 2016

Traffic block for 27 days on account the of work on kanpur ganga bridge

Date of 11/11/2016 until 07/12/2016, due to on-going work at Kanpur Ganga Bridge has 27 days during which the Kanpur to block traffic to and from various Gadihyo cancellation , partial cancellation and route change was made. In this order:-

1. Kasganj Lucknow Jn. No passenger train running between. 55325/55326 Kasganj-Lucknow Jn. Date 11/11/2016 until 12/07/2016 Kasganj passenger train from Kanpur Anvrganj will run according to the preset time and pause.

Train No. 2. 14217/14218 Allahabad-Chandigarh Unchahar Express will depart from Prayag at 14.05 pm instead of 16.45.

3. Train no. 12469/12470 Kanpur-Jammu Tawi Express (bi-weekly) to replace its route will run via Kanpur-Delhi-Ambala.