7 November 2016

Trains Fully, Partially Cancelled, Diverted due to Mega block at(Ganga Bridge) Kanpur-Lucknow Sect from 8.11-8.12.16

Due to maintenance work of Bridge no. 110(Ganga Bridge) between Kanpur Central - Kanpur Bridge station in Lucknow Division from 08.11.16 to 08.12.16:-
Trains Cancelled.

1. Train no. 14153 Kanpur- Amntsar Express will be cancelled.
2. Train no. 14154 Amntsar- Kanpur Express will be cancelled.
Trains Diverted.

1. Train no. 12469 Kanpur- Jammu Tawi Superfast Express vill be diverted via Kanpur- Delhi - Ambala Cantt.
2. Train no. 12470 Jammu Tawi -Kanpur Express will be diverted via Ambala
Cantt-Delhi- Kanpur.
3. Train  no. 14218 Chandigarh- Prayag Express will  be diverted via Kanpur,AIIahabad.
4. Train  no. 14217 Allahabad- Kanpur Express will  be diverted via Allahabad- Kanpur.
5. Train  no 15708 Amntsar- Katihar Express will be diverted via Moradabad- Shahjehanpur- Lucknow.
6. Train no.15707 Katihar- Amritsar Express will be diverted via Lucknow,Shahjehanpur-