13 December 2016

Delhi Metro Rail New Phase 3 Metro Trains Lowered on Tracks

To expedite the process of conducting trial runs on the Janakpuri West – Terminal One IGI Airport section of Delhi Metro’s upcoming Magenta line (Janakpuri West – Botanical Garden, 38.23 kms), the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) today started the process of unloading the first six coach train of this section on the tracks with the help of Cranes and Trailers.

First two coaches of the train were unloaded on the ramp near Sadar Bazar Metro station today through a carefully planned operation, in which the coaches were lowered near the ramp (the location where the alignment goes underground from elevated) and positioned on the tracks with the help of special high capacity cranes and trailers.

The process needed absolute precision to avoid any physical damage to the coaches or the civil structure. The remaining four coaches of the train will be positioned on the tracks in the next few days after which the process of starting trials on this approximately 13 kilometre long section will begin.

The decision to unload the train was taken to ensure the timely beginning of trial runs on this particular section, where construction work is in finishing stages since the work on the line, connecting to Kalindi Kunj is still in progress. While trial runs are going on between Botanical Garden and Kalkaji Mandir, track, OHE and other associated activities, being carried out between Kalkaji Mandir and Munirka, where the tunnelling work finished last week and as a result, this particular section still does not have any connectivity with the depot.

This step will help in expediting the commissioning of services on this line. Since, the Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) technology is being implemented for the first time, the commissioning time for signalling is likely to take longer and hence, it was decided to take up commissioning work in multiple sections side by side.

In a similar operation, a four coach train was lowered on a ramp near Lajpat Nagar in 2010 to begin the trial runs on the Central Secretariat – Badarpur Violet corridor. However, this particular operation is more challenging as six coaches are being placed this time instead of four (in 2010).

To unload the train in such a section without depot connectivity, DMRC had to choose a location, where the Metro corridor emerges out of an underground section towards an elevated one through a ramp, so that there is no requirement to lift the coaches too high. The requirement of boom length and the area for placement of crane increases significantly with the height to which the coach is needed to be lifted. Such locations are not easily available. Besides, there is constraint of blocking the road for traffic, during the period of such operations.

Train composition, machinery required  and  Method Statement for Unloading of Trains on Main Line will be as under-

A train will be brought in from the Kalindi Kunj depot.

a)The train consists of 6 coaches- 2 each of
Driving Motor Coach (DMC)

Trailer Coach (TC)

       Motor Coach (MC)

The coaches will be unloaded in a predefined sequence so that the train can be formed properly.

b)Machinery Required
     Prime mover (6 nos. – 1 no. for each coach)
 Hydraulic Trailers( 100 T )  ( 6 nos. – 1 no. for each coach)
                         iii.        Cranes-  300 T ( Only 1 no. at unloading site)

c)Train coaches details
Coach Dimension : DMC/TC/MC- 22010 mm x 3200mm x 4048 mm

Weight / Coach     : DMC/TC/MC – 42 to 43 ton (approx.)

Procedure for job execution

Coaches will be uncoupled in depot and loaded individually on road trailers.

Loading of Coaches- 1x300 ton capacity Hydraulic tyre mounted Telescopic Crane will be placed perpendicular to the rail for loading of coaches with the help of spreader beam, slings, lifting pad etc. Coach is loaded on the Hydraulic Trailer placed besides the track. Lashing & Securing of coach is provided at 8- points. Rail Coach will be covered by tarpaulin before transportation to site.

Transportation of Coaches- After loading of coach on Hydralic Trailer, trailer is moved by Prime Mover run by Driver to the destination site.

Unloading of Coaches at ramp portion on Main Line track-

The  coaches will be lowered on ramp area (which is nearest to ground level) with the help of  1x300 ton capacity Hydraulic tyre mounted Telescopic crane  placed perpendicular to the track at destination site.

Hydraulic trailers with  coaches will be placed parallel to the ramp portion. Lashing & securing will be removed from the trailer.

Lifting pads will be inserted at Lifting points on the coaches. Then coaches will be lowered at ramp portion by crane with the help of slings & spreader beam.

Lowered coach will be pushed to suitable location with the help of battery operated Rail cum Road Vehicle, which will also be placed on ramp area for coach movement purpose.

The coaches will  be lowered in a predefined sequence and ensuring proper direction of coaches. After lowering all the coaches , coaches will be coupled to form the train.

Movement of  road trailer with coaches will be done during night hours and lowering will be done in day hours  (total 6 days) with approval  of  traffic  authority. Additional safety precaution will be taken during road trailer movement and lowering of coaches.