2 December 2016

Project Raftaar in Indian Railways

As announced in Railway Budget 2016-17,  ‘Mission Raftaar’ was launched with the objective of  doubling of average speed of freight trains, and increasing the average speed of all non-suburban passenger trains by 25 kilometre per hour (kmph)  in next 5 years.

A cross-functional mission directorate has been created in Railway Board and inter-alia entrusted with:

Identification of major impediments to mobility and plan of action to overcome these impediments through improvements in fixed infrastructure, rolling stock, operational practices and institutional mechanisms.
Prioritisation of removal of such constraints on six Golden Quadrilateral and its diagonal routes (Delhi – Mumbai, Delhi – Howrah, Howrah- Chennai, Chennai – Mumbai, Delhi – Chennai and Howrah – Mumbai)  covering 9100 route kilometres entailing raising of sectional speed to minimum 130 kmph, removal of Level Crossings, removal of speed restrictions, and raising of speeds on turnouts etc.
Some of the steps taken include;

·         Replacement of all loco hauled commuter trains on New Delhi-Mughalsarai, and Howrah-Dhanbad sections by MEMU services.
·         Preparation of plan of action to improve power-to-load ratio of trains in routes with heavy freight traffic and steep gradients.