14 December 2016

Sayaji Nagari Express is all set to depart from Dadar Terminus (W.Rly) w.e.f. 2nd April,2017

Western Railway has decided to shift the terminal for departure of Tra in No.19115/19116 Sayaji
Nagari Express from Dadar Terminus (WR) station instead of Sandra Terminus, with effect from 2nd
April, 2017. Accordingly, the booking for Train no. 19115/19116 for the trips from Q1.Q4.2017 onwards will be opened w.e.f 16.12.2016. Similarly, the booking of Train no.'22955/229S6 Kutch Express was also stopped alongwith Sayajl Nagari Express which will also be opened w.e.f. 16.12.2016. Train No.19115 which departs from Sandra Terminus at 14.50 hrs will departs from Oadar at 15.00 hrs w.e.f. 2.04.2017. Train No.19116 will terminate at Dadar at 13.45 hrs instead of Sandra Terminus w.e.f. 2. 0 4. 2 017.
As per the above schedule, there will be NO CHANGE in the timings of 19115/19116 between
Vadodara & Bhuj stations. However, due to above changes, the timings of Train No.22902 Udaipur-bandra Terminus Superfast Express at the following two stations will also be revised w.e.f. 2nd April,
2017 as under:-

Stations      Existing                    Revised

22902                                            22902

Bharuch Arr/Dep 08.38/08.39   08.51/08.53

Surat Arr/Dep 09.40/09.45         09.52/09.57