12 December 2016

SCR on High alert in view of cyclone ‘VARDHA’. Help Desk and Helplines activated

Shri Vashista Johri, General Manager, South Central Railway is continuously monitoring the situation and Shri A.K.Gupta, Additional General Manager, SCR is personally supervising the Disaster Controlling Mechanism, towards which a 24 x7 disaster control room has been set up at Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad, the head quarters of the Zone. Principal Heads of the Departments concerned are o­n preparedness to tackle any emergency situation that may arise.

The following measures have been initiated by SCR in this regard:

1.Emergency control rooms are being opened at Rail Nilayam, Secunderabad and also in the Divisional Head office of Vijayawada and Guntakal Divisions from yesterday i.e.,
11th December, 2016. A multi-disciplinary team of officers drawn from various departments will man these emergency control rooms round-the-clock to closely monitor the field conditions and initiate appropriate action as required.
2.Trains running o­n the sections likely to be affected by the cyclone are being diverted as per a well drawn plan, to avoid inconvenience to long distance passengers.
3.An exclusive 24 x 7 Help desk has been set up at Vijayawada Railway Station to disseminate information o­n train movements to passengers. Besides this, Telephone Help Lines have been activated at Vijayawada, Nellore, Gudur and Guntakal Railway stations are as below:-

ØVijayawada           - 0866 - 2575038
ØNellore                  - 0861 - 2345864; 07702774104
ØGudur                    - 09704506841
ØGuntakal               - 08852 - 229780; 09701374086

4.Wind speeds are being recorded and monitored at major Railway stations in the section to analyse expected impact in advance. Communication is being continuously maintained with Officials of Meteorological Department to assess the situation from time to time.
5.The railway track situated o­n o­ngole-Gudur, Gudur-Renigunta, Renigunta-Katpadi sections that is likely to be affected, is being patrolled o­n foot by engineering staff, including the trackmen and supervisors.
6.Stationary watchmen are put o­n guard at identified vulnerable locations like important bridges, cuttings etc., to keep a continuous watch o­n the safety of railway track structure at these locations.
7.Supervisors have been deputed to travel in the locomotives of trains running o­n the identified vulnerable coastal sections so as to closely monitor the water level/safety in the vicinity of railway track.
8.Engineering material trains loaded with sand, boulders, cement bags and quarry dust etc. are kept ready at Rajahmundry, Krishna Canal, Bitragunta, Guntur, Renigunta and Railway Kodur stations for immediate mobilization, in case of need.

9.The Railway officials are in close liaison with the officials of the State Government, especially with Irrigation Officials to assess the situation and water levels of Railway Affected Tanks (RATs) nearby Railway tracks o­n a continuous basis. Watchmen have been deputed at such RATs.
10.Power cars, Diesel generators, Tower cars, Accident Relief trains, Diesel locos and also Medical Teams have been kept in readiness, o­n Guntakal and Vijayawada Divisions to immediately undertake relief / restoration activities in case of need.
11.All the Catering Stall Contractors and authorized vendors at stations o­n Vijayawada-Gudur-Renigunta-Guntakal Sections and Pantry Car Managers of trains scheduled to run o­n these routes have been instructed to keep adequate stocks of food items and water etc., to take care of catering needs of Passengers in case of trains getting regulated/diverted.