27 January 2017

Provision of Stoppage for Humsafar Express at Palasa & Srikakulam Railway Stations

Railway Board has provided additional stoppage for Kamakhya-Bengaluru Cantt.-Kamakhya Humsafar Express at Palasa and Srikakulam Road railway stations with effect from 7th February, 2017 Ex. Kamakhya and 10th February, 2017 Ex. Bengaluru Cantt. as detailed below:-

1. Train No. 12504 Kamakhya-Bengaluru Cantt. Humsafar Express will arrive / depart Palasa at 23:10/23:12 hrs and Srikakulam Road at 00:0 3/00:05 hrs.

2. Train No. 12503 Bengaluru Cantt.-Kamakhya Humsafar Express will arrive / depart Srikakulam Road at 07:19/07:21 hrs and Palasa at 08:18/08:20 hrs.