21 January 2017

Traffic & Power Block on Kalyan-Titwala section on 22.1.2017

Traffic & Power Block o­n Kalyan-Titwala section o­n 22.1.2017

Central Railway will operate a Traffic and Power Block o­n Kalyan-Titwala section Up and Down line o­n 22.1.2017 for work of cutting, dismantling and removing old abandoned overhead supply pipe line near Shahad station by road crane as under:

Kalyan-Titwala Up & Dn line from 09.30 am to 12.00 noon

Due to this block, following will be the pattern of train running.

Suspension of Suburban Services:

·Suburban services between Kalyan and Titwala will remain suspended during the block.

·Down services to Titwala departing Thane at 08.59 hrs to departing CST at 11.08 will remain cancelled.

·UP services towards CST departing Asangoan at 09.12 hrs to departing Titwala at 12.21 hrs will remain cancelled.

Following Mail / Express trains will remain cancelled :

·12110 Manmad – CSTM  & 12109 CSTM – Manmad Panchavati Express

·12118 Manmad – LTT & 12117 LTT – Manmad Express

Re-scheduling of  Mail / Express trains – Departure :

·12869 CST-Howrah Superfast  sch dep. 11.05 hrs will be re-scheduled  to leave at 11.20 hrs

·12139 CST-Nagpur Sewagram Express sch dep. 15.00 hrs will be re-scheduled  to leave at 15.20 hrs

·12141 LTT – Patliputra Express  sch dep. 23.45 hrs will be re-scheduled  to leave at 00.45 hrs

Re-scheduling of  Mail / Express trains – Arrival :

·12321 Howrah-Mumbai Mail  will arrive CST at 13.40 hrs instead of 11.25 hrs.

·12140 Nagpur-Mumbai Sewagram Express will arrive CST at 14.00 hrs instead of 12.00 hrs.

·11094 Varanasi-Mumbai Mahanagri Express  will arrive CST at 15.15 hrs instead of 14.15 hrs.

·13201 Rajendra Nagar - LTT Express  will arrive LTT at 13.35 hrs instead of 11.30 hrs.

·12168 Varanasi-LTT Superfast  Express  will arrive LTT  at 14.00 hrs instead of 12.25 hrs.

·12812 Hatia – LTT Superfast  Express  will arrive LTT  at 14.50 hrs instead of 13.35 hrs.

·12294 Allahbad – LTT Duronto  Express  will arrive LTT  at 15.10 hrs instead of 14.50 hrs

·12142 Patliputra – LTT  Express  will arrive LTT  at 15.40 hrs instead of 15.15 hrs

·12072 Jalna – Dadar Janshatabdi  Express  will arrive Dadar  at 14.35 hrs instead of 12.30 hrs.

Passengers are requested to bear with the railway administration for inconvenience caused due to this block.