8 February 2017

Availability of Medical Facilities in Trains

A pilot project of deployment of doctors in Duronto Trains was undertaken for a period of two years. During the Pilot Project, it was noted that serious patient could not be treated on board and had to be de-trained for medical treatment at a hospital only because the medical equipments, such as ECG machines etc. do not function properly on the trains due to noise/ vibration etc. Further, First Aid Boxes containing essential drugs and dressing materials are provided with the guards of all passenger carrying trains. In addition, Augmented First Aid Boxes with wide range of medicines, disposable medical material, etc. have been provided with the Train Superintendents/ Guards of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains and some nominated trains. Front line staffs deployed on trains are also trained in rendering First Aid. The Station Masters of all stations have details of doctors, clinics and hospitals, both Government and Private, in the vicinity of the station, so that their services could also be availed, in emergencies. Ambulance services of both Railway hospitals and State Governments are utilized when required.