22 March 2017

Change in train operations in Salem-Vridhachalam Section

As already advised, due to soil tests being conducted for Vridhachalam-Mathur Railway Line Doubling Works, the following changes are made in the operation of train services in the Salem-Vridhachalm section:

On 28.03.2017 also, Train No. 76850 Salem-Vridhachalam Passenger (that normally arrives at Vridhachalam at 12.50 hrs) will be terminated at Mukasaparur (before Vridhachalam) and will be operated as Train No. 76849 Vridhachalam-Salem Passenger(that normally starts at 13.30 hrs from Vridhachalam) from Mukasaparur.

Train No. 56514 Bangaluru-Karaikal Passenger to be partially cancelled between Vridhachalam and Karaikal on 27.03.2017 and Train No. 56513 Karaikal Bangaluru Passenger to be partially cancelled between Karaikal and Vridhachalam on 28.03.2017.