17 March 2017

Electrification of Rail Line

Indian Railways have already embarked upon a major programme to speed up electrification of Railway Lines as can be seen from the targets and achievements of 10th , 11th and 12th Five Year Plans (FYP) under Plan Head ‘Railway Electrification’.

Target in Route Kilometres (RKM)
Achievement in Route Kilometres (RKM)
5772 RKM electrified during 2012-16 against the proportionate target of 5200 RKM

Further, Indian Railways have prepared an Action Plan to electrify 24400 route kilometers in five years (2016-17 to 2020-21).
During 2014-17 period, total number of 93 railway electrification projects consisting 16815 route kilometer at an estimated cost of Rs. 17165 crore have been included in Railway Budget and pace of electrification has been increased from present average of 1300 RKM/annum to 2000 RKM/annum.
Indian Railways have taken following key steps to reduce its carbon foot print:
(i) Energy efficiency improvement on electric traction by introducing 3-phase electric locos and 3-phase EMUs for sub-urban trains.

(ii) Improvement in fuel efficiency in Diesel Traction.

(iii) Use of renewable sources of energy such as solar power and wind energy.

(iv) Energy conservation measures in electrical energy for non traction purpose.
As on 01.04.2016, 27999 route kilometers have been electrified on Indian Railways.