4 March 2017


To clear extra rush of passengers during ensuing Holi festival, South Eastern Railway has  decided to run two pairs of Special trains between Santragachi-Puri and Santragachi-Darbhanga. o­ne pair AC special will run between Santragachi-Puri-Santragachi o­n 10.03.17 both from Santragachi & Puri and another o­ne pair will run between Santragachi-Darbhanga-Santragachi leaving Santragachi o­n 11.03.17 and leaving Darbhanga o­n 12.03.17.
08007/08008 Santragachi-Puri-Santragachi AC Special (1 Pair)

The Special Train (08007) leaving Santragachi at 12:40 hrs o­n 10.03.17 will reach Puri at 21:40 hrs the same day. In the opposite direction, the Special Train (08008) will leave Puriat 23:45 hrs o­n 10.03.17 and will arrive Santragachi at 09:00 hrs the next day.
The Special train will have six AC-2 Tier and ten AC 3 Tier coaches. The train will have stoppages at Kharagpur, Balasore, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar and Khurda Road between Santragachi and Puri.

00894/00893 Santragachi-Darbhanga-Santragachi Special (1 Pair)

The Santragachi-Darbhanga Special (00894) leaving Santragachi at 15:50 hrs o­n 11.03.17  will reach Darbhanga at 12.00 hrs, the next day. In the opposite direction, the train (00893) leaving Darbhanga at 13:50 hrs o­n 12.03.17 will arrive  Santragachi  at 11.00 hrs, the next day.

The Special train with o­ne AC 2 Tier, two AC 3 Tier, eight sleeper class and five general second class coaches will have stoppages at Kharagpur, Tatanagar, Muri, Bokaro Steel City, Gomoh, Dhanbad, Chittaranjan, Madhupur, Jasidih, Jhajha, Kiul, Barauni, and Samastipur between Santragachi and Darbhanga.