17 March 2017

Increase in Speed of Trains

Initiatives for increasing the speeds of trains on Indian Railways are part of the Mission Raftaar launched by the Ministry to augment capacity and provide better services. Routes identified for speed raising are (i) Delhi-Agra, (ii) Delhi-Chandigarh, (iii) Delhi-Kanpur, (iv) Nagpur-Bilaspur, (v) Mumbai-Goa, (vi) Mumbai-Ahmedabad, (vii) Chennai-Bengaluru-Mysore, (viii) Chennai-Hyderabad and (ix) Nagpur-Secunderabad. Besides, projects for speed raising of Delhi-Mumbai including Ahmedabad-Vadodara and Delhi-Howrah including Kanpur-Lucknow routes have been sanctioned in the Budget for 2017-18.

It is generally assessed that increased speeds and better services automatically create scope for increased revenue. It is premature to name trains and destinations before outcomes of speed-raising projects are realised.