25 March 2017

Ro-Ro Freight Service in Indian Railways

Roll-on-Roll-off (RO-RO) service was initially introduced on Konkan Railway during the year 1999. Since then, the service is running on Konkan Railway on Diesel route. On electrified routes, there are operational constraints for running of Ro-Ro service due to Over Head Equipment (OHE). However, during the recent past, trial run of Roll-on-Roll-off (Ro-Ro) Service has been carried out on following routes:-

(i) Across the Ganga River in Bihar between Bihta and Turki over East Central Railway;

(ii) Between Bhanga and Churaibari in Northeast Frontier Railway for carriage of loaded/empty petrol tankers;

(iii) Between Nagothane and Boisar;

(iv) Between Garhi Harsaru to Muradnagar.

Roll-on-Roll-off (Ro-Ro) Service can be tried out on other routes also subject to demand and operational feasibility.