7 April 2017

Shops at Railway Platforms i

 New Catering Policy has been issued on 27th February 2017 which inter-alia stipulates that zonal railways shall manage static units (catering stall /milk stalls/ trolleys etc.) except base kitchens and kitchen units. The policy mandates the zonal railways to hand over the kitchens managed by them to Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC). Food Plaza, Fast Food Units and Food Court will continue to be managed by IRCTC. The procedure/guidelines/policy laid down for allotment or contracts for running various shops at railway platforms inter-alia include:- (i) Allotment of General Minor Units at all category of stations to be done through open, competitive, two-packet tendering system from the eligible bidders by railway divisions. (ii) Allotment of Special Minor units (reserved category) at all category of stations to be done by divisions through open tendering system within the similar reserved category. The technical eligibility criteria has been simplified. (iii) For the purpose of allotment, a Refreshment Room (at B and below category of stations) or a stall or a trolley to be deemed as one unit. As such, a single unit is to be awarded through a single license. (iv) Tenure of all static units (except kitchen units and Food Plaza) shall be 5 years only. (v) Tenure of Food Plaza shall be for a period of 9 years.