24 May 2017


Railway has decided to introduce Train No. 17325/17326, Hubballi-Mysuru-Hubballi Daily Express. The inaugural special will be flagged off by Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Hon’ble Minister for Railways through video link from Rail Bhavan, New Delhi at 15:00 Hrs. on 23.05.2017. The regular service of this train will commence with effect from 24th May, 2017 from both end.

Accordingly, Train No. 17325, Hubballi - Mysuru Daily Express departs Hubballi at 08:00 Hrs. and reaches Mysuru at 20:40 Hrs. Enroute, the train arrives/departs Yalgivi at 08:44/08:45 Hrs., Haveri at 09:08/09:10 Hrs., Byadgi at 09:21/09:22 Hrs., Ranibennur at 09:33/09:35 Hrs., Harihar at 10:18/10:20 Hrs., Davangere at 10:43/10:45 hrs., Chikjajur at 11:44/11:45 Hrs., Ajjampur at 12:24/12:25 Hrs., Birur at 12:50/12:52 Hrs., Kadur at 13:01/13:03 Hrs., Arsikere at 13:40/13:45 Hrs., Tiptur at 14:18/14:20 Hrs., Tumakuru at 16:13/16:15 Hrs., Yesvantpur at 17:14/17:16 Hrs., KSR Bengaluruat 17:40/17:45 Hrs., Kingeri at 18:04/18:05 Hrs., Bidadi at 18:19/18:20 Hrs., Ramanagram, at 18:34/18:35 Hrs., Channapatna at 18:44/18:45 Hrs., Maddur at 19:04/19:05 Hrs., Mandya at 19:20/19:22 Hrs., Pandavapura at 19:53/19:55 Hrs., Srirangapattana at 20:01/20:02 Hrs.

In the return direction, Train No. 17326, Mysuru - Hubballi Daily Express departs Mysuru at 06:15 Hrs. and reaches Hubballi at 19:05 Hrs. Enroute, the train arrives/departs Srirangapattana at 06:29/06:30 Hrs., Pandavapura at 06:34/06:35 Hrs., Mandya at 06:58/07:00 Hrs., Maddur at 07:19/07:20 Hrs., Channapatna at 07:39/07:40 Hrs., Ramanagram, at 07:55/07:56 Hrs., Bidadi at 08:09/08:10 Hrs., Kingeri at 08:30/08:32 Hrs., KSR Bengaluruat 09:10/09:15 Hrs., Yesvantpur at 09:24/09:25 Hrs., Tumakuru at 10:28/10:30 Hrs., Tiptur at 11:43/11:45 Hrs., Arsikere at 12:20/12:25 Hrs., Kadur. at 13:03/13:05 Hrs., Birur at 13:13/13:15 Hrs., Ajjampur at 13:33/13:34 Hrs., Chikjajur at 14:15/14:16 Hrs., Davangere at 15:03/15:05 hrs., Harihar at 15:33/15:35 Hrs., Ranibennur at 16:00/06:01 Hrs., Byadgi at 16:24/16:25 Hrs., Haveri at 16:38/16:40 Hrs., Yalgivi at 17:09/17:10 Hrs.,

The train composition will have 16 coaches comprising of ONE Second Class Chair Car, THIRTEEN General Second Class Coaches and TWO Second Class Luggage-cum-Brakevan with Disabled friendly compartment