13 May 2017

Temporary Halt at Uruli for the benefit of pilgrims attending Shri Prayagdham Trust annual function

Central Railway will provide o­ne minute temporary halt for following trains at Uruli station for the benefit of pilgrims attending annual function of Shri Prayagdham Trust.

1.12779/12780 Vasco-Hazrat Nizamuddin- Vasco Goa Express from 27.5.2017 to 05.06.2017

2.12169/12170 Pune-Solapur Intercity Express from 30.05.2017 to 03.06.02017

3.12148 Niazamuddin-Kolapur Express o­n 26.5.2017 in UP direction o­nly.

4.12147 Kolapur-Niazamuddin Express o­n 6.6.2017 in DN direction o­nly.

5.12782 Swarna Jayanti Express o­n 30.5.2017 in UP direction o­nly

6.12781 Swarna Jayanti Express o­n 3.6..2017 in DN direction o­nly

7.22686 Chandigarh-Yasvantpur Sampark Kranti Express o­n 28.5.2017 & 31.5.2017 in UP direction o­nly

8.22685 Yesvantpur-Chandigarh Sampark Kranti Express o­n 4.6.2016 in DN direction o­nly.

9.12630 Hazrat Nizamuddin-Yesvantpur KSK Express o­n 27.5.2017 & 1.5.2017 in UP direction o­nly.

10.12629 Yesvantpur KSK -Hazrat Nizamuddin Express o­n 2.6.2017 & 7.6.2017 in DN direction o­nly.

11.12104 Lucknow-Pune Express o­n 29.5.2017 in UP direction o­nly.

12.12103 Pune-Lucknow Express o­n 2.6.2017 in DN direction o­nly.

Besides, o­ne General Second Class coach in 11077 Pune-Jammu Tawi Jhelum Express leaving o­n 2.6.2017, 3.6.2017 and 5.6.12017 will be kept in locked condition and opened at Uruli station to clear the extra rush of passengers.