4 June 2017


To promote & popularize ATVMs & mobile ticketing application and also for  creating awareness amongst commuters as well as encourage them to be a part of 'Digital India' national movement by using smart cards & mobile ticketing for getting their journey ticket, a novel awareness campaign for ATVM /Catering sales  promotion is being conducted by Mumbai Division of Western Railway at Mumbai Suburban Stations. This sale promotional campaign will be run upto 06th June,2017. Now passengers can get benefits of catering items of higher values after presenting their ATVM smart card recharge receipt.

The offer is valid o­nly at participating catering stall of the stations where smart card recharge is made & valid o­n same day of recharge o­nly. This scheme is available till 30th November,2017 and extended to more than  111 suburban catering stalls. The features of the scheme are over and above the existing 5 % bonus travel value already provided by the Railways for smart card use.

The passenger can present the smart card recharge receipt at the participating catering stall of that particular station. o­n deposit of smart card recharge receipt of any amount with the participating stall,  the passenger may purchase catering items with bonus purchase value i.e. o­n minimum purchase of Rs 50/- , commuter will get catering items of Rs 52/- while o­n minimum purchase of Rs 100/- , commuter will get catering items of Rs 105/- .