27 July 2017

EoTT Equipments

Indian Railways (IR) have planned to acquire 1000 sets of EoTT equipments to run nearly 1,000 trains without guards. Purchase action for the same has been initiated by Indian Railways.

The EoTT equipment will eliminate the need to run a non-revenue earning guard van at the end of freight train. EoTT will perform the duties of guard like monitoring the train length, brake pipe pressure in last vehicle and indicating to the driver that the train is running intact and is complete. In case of train parting, the system shall indicate to the driver of the train who will then have the ability to apply brakes using EoTT equipment to the rear parted portion of the train so as to avoid collision of the rear portion with the front portion.

Railways is planning to run nearly all goods trains with the EoTT system. The system may need functional upgradation depending on the experience of the Railways over time in using EoTT. Estimated cost of one set of EoTT device is approximately ₹10 lakh.

Introduction of EoTT by Indian Railways is a part of its vision to leverage technology to increase its revenue with minimal investments in infrastructure. This will result from the fact that replacing the guard van with a revenue earning freight wagon will enable Indian Railways to earn revenue without increasing the train length.