4 August 2017

Chhindwara- Navegaon Passenger Train Extended upto Bordhai

Railways have decided to extend the Chhindwara- Navegaon train upto Bordhai with effect from 06.08.2017.  The details of extention are as under:

51256 Chhindwara- Navegaon passenger train will leave Chhindwara at 1230 hrs and arrive Navegaon at 1418 hrs same day has been extended upto Bordhai with effect from 06.08.2017 and reach Bordhai at 1440 hrs with halting at Barelipar.

51255 Bordhai - Chhindwara passenger train will leave Bordhai at 1505 hrs and arrive Chhindwara at 1715 hrs same day with effect from 06.08.2017.

Halts: There is no change in the composition and halts between Chhindwara and Navegaon and in the extended portion the train will halt at Barelipar between Navegaon and Bordhai.