11 August 2017

Preliminary trials of the Double Decker Coaches for the proposed Coimbatore-KSR Bangaluru City Double Decker train services

The preliminary trials for the proposed Coimbatore-KSR Bangaluru City Double Decker Train services are being carried out for 2 days (11.08.2017 and 12.08.2017) from Coimbatore to Tirupathur (within Salem Division Jurisdiction) with 2 double decker coaches, and one power car hauled by an AC locomotive.

On 11th August, 2017, the trial rake will start from Coimbatore at 07.45 hrs. and will have stoppages at Coimbatore North (07.55-07.57), Tiruppur (08.55-09.00), Erode (10.15-10.20), Salem (12.10-12.33) and will reach Tirupathur by 14.45 hrs. In return direction, the Train will start from Tirupathur at 16.10 hrs. and will reach Salem by 18.30 hrs.

The next day, ie. On 12.08.2017, the rake will start from Salem at 09.00 hrs. and will have stoppages at Erode (10.20-10.25), Tiruppur (11.20-11.25), Coimbatore North (12.20-12.25), and will reach Coimbatore back by 12.35 hrs.

Pl note that the above mentioned timings are all approximate and may change according to the need.

All technical aspects from the point of view of engineering, mechanical, electrical, etc. will be checked during the trial run. After successful completion of these preliminary trials, a full trial with a full rake (probably with a locomotive, 2 power cars and 8 double decker coaches that is the normal composition of a Double Decker train) would be carried out at a later date.