20 September 2017

Delhi Metro and Google Maps collaborate to make Metro commute easier

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has partnered with Google Maps to make commutes easier by sharing information on Metro routes, fares and connectivity. This partnership with Google has been done keeping in line with Delhi Metro’s vision for providing a better commuter friendly public transport system. This facility will provide the commuters complete information on Delhi Metro routes, line details, platform details, fares etc.

Delhi Metro’s integration with Google will be extremely beneficial to both new and existing commuters. Delhi Metro has launched several such initiatives in the recent past to help commuters to manage their travel time, and make more informed transport decisions. Transit details for Delhi Metro would also be available on mobile devices with Google Maps, so commuters can check available Metro schedules to make route changes on-the-go and plan their trips accordingly.

How would this benefit the commuters of Delhi Metro
As Google Maps provides integrated services like local information, driving directions for commuters with features like Transit, Delhi Metro commuters would be able to receive information in the following way:

 The user searches for information to reach from Place A to B on Google Maps
 The result shows a map with the possible route and driving directions for the commuter
Additionally, the user will now see an option to open Delhi Metro’s schematic maps, which give users a quick way to find their way around their city in addition to the powerful route finding Google Maps offers today. The user can zoom around and find relevant info about various Metro routes, platform and fare details.

 Commuters get to see the step by step directions for the entire route

As Delhi Metro is the preferred public transportation for millions of commuters every day, the integration of the Metro network with Google Maps would benefit new commuters and help existing commuters in discovering new routes and options.In the next stage of this collaboration, the Delhi Metro is further planning to integrate facilities available at the station such as parking, rest rooms etc.

The train timings and directions are for planning purposes only. For detailed information commuters may refer to our website:www.delhimetrorail.com or contact our 24X7 helpline: 155370.